Discover our best results yet with the NEW ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen Eye Treatment Duo

Tired eyes and dark circles? Deep lines and wrinkles? Look no further than ELEMIS’ latest launch: the NEW ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen Eye Treatment Duo.

Designed to protect, promote and preserve the resilience of the skin for improved support throughout the day. Double up with two highly intelligent treatments that visibly brighten and smooth deep-set lines, for younger-looking eyes in just 28 days.*

The skin around the eye area is thinner and more delicate than the rest of your face, so it requires extra special care. Formulated to offer a bespoke solution, this duo provides two targeted treatments: a lightweight, cooling balm for the morning to help depuff and tighten the eye, and an indulgent cream for evening that delivers the intense moisture your eye area needs while you sleep. Together they create the perfect anti-ageing solution for eyes. In fact, when used together, 100% of users agreed the duo gave their skin the appearance of an eye lift by improving skin tone and texture day and night.**

Read on for all the facts on what makes this our best eye treatment solution yet…

Unique Complexes

  • Our innovative ULTRA SMART Line Fighting Complex targets deep set lines and loss of elasticity, for a dramatically smoother eye contour. Formulated with a blend of 3 potent algae and Orange African Bulbine, it’s designed to support the skin’s natural collagen management, helping keep it in optimum condition.
  • The Morning Eye Balm, formulated with ULTRA SMART Triple Targeted Dermal Complex, helps target the appearance of puffiness, brightens dark circles and tightens for a lifted look. Dreamily light and cooling, just a small amount creates a seal that layers beautifully under make‐up for day-long use.
  • Our rich Evening Eye Cream melts into the skin while its ULTRA SMART Slow Release Dermal Technology deeply hydrates and plumps the delicate skin around the eyes throughout the night, for a more youthful look.

Clinically Proven Results


Every eye treatment duo includes an ULTRA SMART eye tool to cool, depuff and massage the delicate eye contour. Lauded for their effects on the lymphatic system, roller tools and cooling massage pebbles are all the rage in the beauty industry at the moment. Here’s how it works:

Firstly, apply a small amount of your ULTRA SMART eye treatment, for morning or night, to your eye contour area using your ring finger.

Step 1 – Start with the right eye. Taking the ULTRA SMART applicator, use the roller ball end and draw three figures of eight, smoothing out the crow’s feet in the outer eye area.

Step 2 – Glide the applicator under the eye contour from the outer eye to the corner of the nose and apply gentle pressure. Next, sweep up under the brow bone to the outer corner of the eye, pausing again to apply gentle pressure. Finding these acupressure points around the eye area is a great way to relieve muscle tension and de-stress Repeat 3 times.

Step 3 – Move the applicator in between the eyebrows and draw three figures of eight smoothing out the expression lines.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 on left eye.

Repeat step 3.

Keep your tool clean by rinsing with warm water and dry with lint free cloth, and try to repeat this routine daily for optimum results.


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