New Mesotherapy Radiant Skin Treatment

A Hylauronic acid peel allows prepretration of the skin prior to skin needling, where the whole face and neck area are covered.

A Cellous mask is the applied to hydrate, soothe, and replenish the skin.

Finally LED light therapy is introduced to the skin working from the inside out, boosting collagen, healing, creating radiance and calming the skin.

75minute treatment

Only £95.00 ( Normally £145.00)

This unique facial ( only available at Renaissance) allows us to create a bespoke Fractional Mesotherapy treatment incoroprating a blend of vitamins, minerals, growth factors and peptides which are delivered deep into the epidermis at a rate of up to 2000 micro punctures into the skin boosting collagen production and allowing fast delivery of the actives.

1 treatment every 2 – 3 months recommended

2 – 6 sessions are recommended

Available with Tricia & Ashlee

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