Sun Damage and Protection


With the summer months just around the corner let’s start the season by getting into good skincare habits. I think first of all we need to remind ourselves of the effect that sunlight has. It makes us feel a whole lot happier in general plus the skin uses sunlight to help manufacture vitamin D, which is important for normal bone formation. However, it is ultraviolet light that can be very detrimental to our skin.

Within the skin’s outer layer there are cells that contain the pigment melanin. Melanin is thought to protect the skin from UVB rays, which can burn the skin, and over time, could reduce its elasticity and cause premature ageing. Tanning occurs because exposure to sunlight causes the skin to produce more melanin thus causing it to darken. The tan fades as these cells move toward the surface and are sloughed off.

That’s where our Tan Accelerator comes into its own and is the first product I’d like you to add into your routine. It can be used instead of your body lotion or as well as and optimises your natural tanning ability (but remember to still use SPF when in sunlight). This moisturising pre-tanning lotion contains a blend of Shea Butter, Macadamia Nut Oi and Jojoba Oil.

Ideal for use from April through to September or at least 2 weeks before a holiday, Tan Accelerator leaves skin soft, supple and in optimum condition to promote a rich and golden colour.



UV rays penetrate the outer skin layers and pass into the deeper layers, where they can damage or kill skin cells. Everyone is at risk of sun damage, so be sure to cover up sensitive areas, keep a wide-brimmed hat and scarf to hand, and of course, wear sun protection. In particular, avoid sun exposure between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm when UV rays are at their strongest.

How does sunlight affect the ageing of the skin?

Even a little bit of sunlight will affect the performance of your skin and has the effect of increasing the signs of ageing on the skin. If you want to maintain youthful skin then the easiest thing to do is avoid the sun. But for our mental wellbeing, it can really help, so if you do go out in the sun then make sure that you use good quality sun protection.

Sunlight is comprised of a spectrum of light, including UVA and UVB rays. Both types of UV rays are responsible for sunburn. This will make itself known in the short-term as dry, parched skin but in the long-term can increase the likelihood of wrinkles and cause skin damage. At worst, of course, this can result in skin cancer. UVA rays affect the deeper layers of the skin, causing wrinkling and damage to collagen (what the connective tissue of skin is made up of) while UVB rays are the main cause of sunburn.

Skin ageing from sun exposure is due to an increased level of free radical activity. UV rays actually affect genetic material in cells, damaging tissue. Once the genetic material is altered, the natural repair response is affected; instead of new healthy cells being created, new damaged cells are created. This only increases the vulnerability of skin tissue to the effects of ageing on the skin. Wrinkles, age spots, thinner skin and dryness are all the results of long-term sunlight exposure.

We have all been waiting so long for our bestselling anti-wrinkle cream to be formulated with an SPF that maintains the velvety texture, retains the gorgeous scent, and which delivers the same amazing results; and that time has now arrived.




Pro-Collagen Marine Cream SPF 30 is a clinically proven* formulation that blends a powerful combination of ingredients, including Padina Pavonica and Ginkgo Biloba, and is shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 14 days. Now combining a revolutionary micronized sunscreen that leaves no white streaks on the face and offers evenly distributed broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection without compromise to the texture of the cream.

This is the ultimate anti-ageing cream from ELEMIS. 11th April 2017

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