The summer is when we really want our skin to radiate with minimum make-up and effort.

If you want your skin to glow from within, there is now a simple step that you can weave into your existing skincare routine to help. Exfoliating.

While exfoliating should be an essential part of your existing routine and is necessary all year round, with more exposure to outdoor pollution, sunscreen been applied frequently and self-tanning products that tend to get down deep in the pores, in the summer it is important to exfoliate more often than usual.

At ELEMIS, the Dynamic Resurfacing range is the perfect choice to make sure your skin is summer-ready, with patented Tri-Enzyme technology to help boost skin’s natural exfoliation cycle, reveal brighter skin and a more even skin tone.

I personally have fallen in love with the latest edition to the Dynamic Resurfacing Range; Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads. Powered by ELEMIS patented Tri-Enzyme technology, these handy pads act as a very effective, yet gentle skin-perfecting exfoliator, replacing the need for harsh exfoliators to encourage the skin’s natural surface cell renewal cycle.

With these handy pads, all you have to do is, with the texture side facing down, gently sweep the pad over the face in a circular motion morning and evening after cleansing. For optimum results, use as part of the Dynamic Resurfacing programme – you’ll love the wash and the mask which are definitely up there with my all time favourite ELEMIS products. This step can also replace the need for toning as it will also leave the skin perfectly pH balanced, and exfoliating for those who maybe don’t get round to doing that step of their routine as often as they should.

The results speak for themselves;

96% agreed the product left their skin feeling soft and smooth*
97% agreed the product feels gentle on the skin*
92% agreed the product left their skin looking revitalised*

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