5 of the Most Common Bronzer Mistakes

Your guide to getting gorgeously glowing starts here…

We’ve all seen pictures of models and actresses looking smooth-skinned, tanned and naturally radiant. Bronzer is a summer staple that many of us buy – only to find that it goes horribly wrong when we try to recreate the look back home.
Here’s how to troubleshoot your bronzer mistakes – and find the solution to sun-kissed skin…

1. The prep work:
If we’ve learnt one thing in our time , it’s that great make-up always starts with even greater skincare. So when you see someone with that conker-smooth complexion that seems to glow from within, it’s safe to assume that they’ve done the hard work via the skincare they applied before make-up. You’ll need to exfoliate, hydrate then build a subtle but even base colour (Try Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Moisturiser for Face).

2. The shade:
By far the most common mistake when attempting the tanned look is that we go a shade (or several) too dark. Try opting for a maximum of two shades darker than your natural summertime skin tone. So if you’re porcelain pale, try a latte shade bronzer. More of a mid-tone? Try going for a warm, olive glow. And if you already have a lovely deep, dark skin tone, try introducing coppery or golden highlights to intensify your natural colouring.

3. The texture:
Once you’ve hydrated and have added your base colour with liquid textures, instead of picking a traditional powder bronzer, a cream or similarly liquid texture may blend in better – creating a seamless, more natural-looking finishing. Add a liquid bronzer to the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards and outwards. A swipe down your nose and across the top of your forehead adds depth and colour in a way that’s soft, subtle and avoids “cakey”.

4. Technique:
Maybe your skin is naturally oily and you fear that liquid bronzer may quickly turn to shine? If a powder is your chosen bronzing texture, (it’ll mop up shine and set your make-up in place) – then technique is king. Rather than swiping or rubbing bronzer up and down your cheekbones, try gently “tickling” the very ends of your brush over the skin. Start on the cheek a little away from the nose, then gradually work up to the temple in small, circular moments, using only the lightest of pressures. Try the tickle technique and you’ll avoid lines, patches and a heavy-handed look.

5. The layer game:
Highlighting is the cherry on the bronzing cake. Highlights add radiance and a golden, sun-lit look that makes for an overall healthy “glow”. Yet people are often confused as to the order they should apply their products. If you’re opting for a liquid bronzer, blend a liquid highlighter over the top to merge the two textures seamlessly over cheekbones, temples and the Cupid’s bow – at the end of your make-up routine. If you opt for a powder bronzer, apply your liquid highlighter beforehand, so it can blur into your moisturiser and self-tan base. Wait for your highlights to dry, then tickle on your powder bronzer for the most natural result. Now you’re good to glow…


Article  Elemis.com July 17

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