5 Ways to Transform Your Mood


Feeling tired, indecisive, edgy – or simply out of balance?

Many of us hurry through our days batting away our emotions. Yet if only we were to tune in and actively notice every one, we’d realise that our emotional state dictates our lives. So what if you could be more mindful, tap into your mental well-being, rise to every challenge and relish your success?

Our new LIFE ELIXIRS collection is made up of five aromatic blends available as Bath and Shower Elixirs, roll-on Perfume Oils, and Scented Candles. Each one has been intricately blended to harness the power that scent has over our minds.

So find your LIFE ELIXIR and discover four more ways to banish negativity for good…

1. Change your space: Like computers, the human brain sometimes need to re-boot, so toiling away at the same task whilst sitting at the same table can make you feel lethargic and lacklustre. By changing your space – whether that be by moving to a different room of the house, working in a café or in one of the many hot-desking hubs popping up across the country – your mind literally gains new perspective.



2. Eat chocolate: Just finding out that scientists have discovered a link between eating dark chocolate and an increased production of the “happy hormone” serotonin, put a smile on our faces. The fact that chocolate also has what experts call a good “mouth feel” and melts at body temperature is an added bonus. A few squares that contain a high percentage of cocoa solids are ideal when you feel that mid-afternoon weariness flow over you.



3. Blossom and bloom: A study by Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School revealed that people with fresh flowers in their home tend to experience lower levels of anxiety. So use the weekend to pop your favourite florals into a vase on your desk and ward off those nervy Monday blues.



4. Find happy snaps: There are few things more cheering than re-living cherished memories via your photograph collection – yet few of us collate physical images these days. Download an app such as MyPics and it’ll help you organise your phone photos into folders. Create one called “happy memories” and scroll through any time when life starts getting you a little down.



5. Roll on the elixir of life: Few of us are immune to stressful situations. Exam pressures, interviews, presenting or public speaking, juggling motherhood – sometimes life can seem so demanding that our heads start to spin. All too soon, our breath quickens, our stress hormones go into overdrive and we start to feel ever more fuzzy-headed. So transform your mood and feel centred with our new LIFE ELIXIRS CLARITY Perfume Oil. Containing 11 essential oils, including energising Bitter Orange, refreshing Cardamom and warming Ginger to sharpen your concentration and invigorate your sense of self.


Ready to take control of your mood now? Discover the world of LIFE ELIXIRS…

LIFE ELIXIRS Calm Bath & Shower Elixir

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