7 rules for foolproof tanning

Doing it yourself?  Here’s our rules to get that perfect tan.

  1. Always tan before bed. Give it time to kick in undisturbed by waistbands and bra straps.
  2. Smooth skin doesn’t streak. Prep with an exfoliator and keep your skin hydrated.
  3. Gradual lotions are safer. Build slowly to cover any slip-ups.
  4. Use a mitt. For even spreading and no chance of orange palms.
  5. Work upwards. Limb by limb in long strokes, constant motion is key.
  6. Use a separate face product. Something moisturising, as you can’t put skincare over tanner.
  7. Top up. Arms and legs need more colour than your face and shoulders. Slap on an instant formula for a bronze hot tonight then wash it off when you’re straight back in a woolly jumper tomorrow.

Article from Woman and Home February 2018

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