Guess who’s the latest celebrity loving the LED Facial?

Kate Hudson Has Officially Turned Snapchat Into a Face Mask Spa

Photo: snapchat
BY: Dobrina Zhekova – Instyle magazine


When it comes to beauty, Kate Hudson is not fooling around. The actress is courageously trying treatments and gadgets that some people would be even afraid to approach and documenting her experiences on Snapchat. And for that, Kate, we thank you.

Today, she’s back at it with a LED light face mask. The treatment is said to boost collagen production and prevent breakouts, which is something we can definitely get behind. Any face mask that promises a bid farewell to zits, we’re interested in investigating.

In all fairness, we have to say that Hudson is not the first celebrity to try the LED facial. Last year, Jessica Alba put the fancy (and also kind of scary-looking) machine on our radars that has since been adopted by stars like Kourtney Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen.

With all these high-tech treatments, no wonder Kate Hudson’s skin is #flawless.

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