How to get perfect kissable lips!

Change your look in an instant with a new lippy each day for the next 12 days and see how your mood changes, says Jo Glanville-Blackburn, Woman and Home.

One minute it’s neutrals, the next it’s reds.  Then just as we get into glossy, along comes matte.  So heaven help you if you love pearly pink lipsticks – if you’re a slave to fashion, you’ll probably have to wait another 15 years before you can wear them again stylishly!  That said, as fashion becomes more diverse, there are new shades and textures, so you can wear the lip colour that really suits you, rather than just following a trend.

A great place to test a new lip-colour is on the pad of a fingertip, which is pink and similar to the colour of your lips (don’t use the back of your hand)

Remember: Deep, rich colours warm the complexion; pale shades drain it.  Therefore, if you choose a colour somewhere between the two for daytime, your job is made easier.  Pinky browns closely match the actual colour of lips so suit almost everyone and give the most natural look.  Brown and toffee tones are also flattering without being garish.

Red is so hot right now and is classic when worn with little else on your face.  It’s a bold statement and needs precise applicatiom and a certain confidence to carry it off.

Line to Define.  Outlining your lips gives them stronger definition, as they lose their natural plumpness with age.  The firm texture of a good lip pencil also enables you to touch up an uneven outline and helps to prevent lipstick from bleeding into any surrounding fine lines.  For a longer lasting finish, use the side of a pencil in place of lipstick to fill in hte entire lip area.


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