Is Less More when it comes to Make Up?

Less IS more when it comes to make-up, say men (but  would they REALLY like  to see us completely bare-faced?)

  • 93 per cent agreed make-up improves a  woman’s appearance
  • Men from north of Britain more likely to  prefer women in lots of make-up
  • But what men think of as ‘natural’ actually  takes a lot of work, says expert

  By Martha De Lacey, Daily Mail, 21st Sept 2012

There’s bad news for the entire female cast  of TOWIE.

When it comes to attracting men, less is more  where makeup is concerned.

Almost three-quarters of British men say they  prefer women to wear very little make-up – in the style of the Duchess of  Cambridge rather than that of former TOWIE star Amy Childs – according to a  poll.

Men from the north of the UK tend to prefer women with plenty of make-up on, such as former TOWIE girl Amy Childs.
Almost three-quarters of British men say they prefer women to wear small amounts of natural make-up, in the style of the Duchess of Cambridge, rather than caked-on layers.

Almost three-quarters of British men say  they prefer  women to wear very little make-up, in the style of the  Duchess of Cambridge,  right, rather than former TOWIE girl Amy Childs, left.

Although 93 per cent of men surveyed agreed a  small amount of make-up could improve a woman’s look, just a quarter (27 per  cent) said they preferred the caked-on TOWIE image to the demure tones of the  Duchess of Cambridge.

Female stars including Holly Willoughby,  Amanda Holden, Fearne Cotton  and Jools Oliver were highlighted as being  particularly attractive in a  natural way.

And Amy Childs, Lady Gaga, Tulisa and Carol  Vorderman were deemed too heavily made-up by the majority of males  polled.

Interestingly men from the south were found  to be the biggest advocates of the subtle look, while northern males confessed  to being more attracted to women who liked wearing substantial  makeup.

Men prefer their women to wear a little make-up and look 'natural' like TV presenter Holly Willoughby.
X-Factor judge and singer Tulisa was marked out in the survey as someone who wears too much make-up.

TV presenter Holly Willoughby’s natural look, left, was  generally preferable to men than to the heavily made-up style of singer Tulisa,  right

Too much foundation was viewed as the biggest  turn off, closely followed by streaky fake tan, ridiculous false lashes and  tiger-like false nails.

Ironically, nearly half of the men polled (48  per cent) said they used beauty products including moisturiser, eye-rollers and  teeth whitener in a bid to look their best for the ladies.

A spokesman from RoxyPalace, the online  casiono that conducted the survey of 800 men, said the results may show men to  be less cynical than first thought.

He said: ‘Men are often accused of  preferring women who apply bold, eye-catching make-up, yet what our poll has  found is that for most too much slap is a reason to take a step  back.

‘While nearly all  agreed that applying a  little makeup could help accentuate a woman’s  best features, the vast majority  believed that less was more when it  came to presentation – which may be bad  news for makeup manufacturers.’

Most men surveyed said singer Lady Gaga was a typical example of a woman wearing too much make-up.
Jamie Oliver's wife Jools has the naturally made-up look preferred by most British men, especially those in the south.

Most men surveyed felt Lady Gaga, left, wears too much  make up, and that the understated style of Jamie Oliver’s wife Jools is more  attractive

He concluded: ‘Beauty is in the eye of the  beholder, and there is no right or wrong amount of make-up to wear, but if  you’re out on the pull, particularly in the south of England, you may wish to  ditch the make-up in the hunt for the dream man.’

Natural? Pah! Looking this 'natural' takes just as long as looking 'unnatural', says Benefit's Lisa Potter-Dixon.

Natural? Pah! Looking this ‘natural’ takes just as long  as looking ‘unnatural’, says Benefit’s Lisa Potter-Dixon.

But what men think of as ‘natural’ actually  takes a lot of effort, according to one make-up expert.

Lisa Potter-Dixon, Benefit’s Head Makeup And  Trend Artist, told MailOnline: ‘So, boys, you may think my flawless skin and  rosy cheeks were a gift from god….well, you are very, very wrong!

‘The “natural” look takes just as long as the  “unnatural look”.

‘You see, to get this face, we have prepped  using a moisturiser, primed, using a primer and then perfected with a  foundation, concealer, highlighter and powder!

‘It’s the precise and timely application of  these products that creates our flawless looking skin. Then there’s the  blush.

‘Getting this natural glow takes military  application!

‘It’s all about the positioning of where you  apply it; not too high, not too low. Not too round, not too angled!

‘And did I mention that if you get your blusher wrong, you can’t just rub it  off, you have to take your entire face of make-up off and start  again!

‘I haven’t even mentioned the monthly  tinting, waxing and threading that our facial hair goes through to finish our  looks. But that’s another story!

‘So boys, the truth is, being beautiful takes  time. It’s just a good job us girls have got it down to a tee.’


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