The secret to looking good make-up free


How to get skin looking so naturally good, you’ll never be reliant on make-up again…

For all those wedded to their favourite mascara, addicted to a flattering lipstick or obsessed with the current vogue for contouring, the news that going make-up free is now the done thing will come as a blow. Bar the gym or popping out to get some milk, most of us wouldn’t even consider going out without a smidgen of concealer – at the very least.

Make-up is like a pretty armour. Without it we feel naked, vulnerable and exposed. With it, we feel protected and prettier – like a more confident alter ego.

Yet after years of social media filters, celebrities have led the way in showing the world their real face – make-up free. The #NMM (No Make-up Monday/Morning) social media hashtag is now a veritable digital trend – and it’s not just for fresh-faced teenagers untarnished by life and advancing years.

Of course, if you’re maintaining your ELEMIS skincare programme you’re on the road to healthy, make-up free skin already but we know that everyone needs a few skin perfecting tips. So prepare to celebrate your individual quirks, take inspiration from the Instagram accounts of Katie Holmes, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, and Cindy Crawford – and try the 8 top secrets of professional make-up artists to making bare-faced work beautifully for you.

1. Get even: After decades of focusing on lines and wrinkles, the skincare industry has undergone a small shift of late thanks to studies proving that an even-toned, smooth complexion is perceived as being younger. It also makes sense that the more uniform our skin is in colour, the less we feel the need to correct irregularities with make-up. So try our White Brightening Dark Spot Corrector on pigmented patches to help make your complexion more consistent overall.

2. Hydrate: When dead, dry cells accumulate on the skin surface, it gives the face a dull, lifeless appearance that we tend to correct with light-reflecting foundations. Instead, make sure you exfoliate away dead cells with our Dynamic Resurfacing Serum twice a day – then keep skin hydrated with our fast-absorbing BIOTEC Skin Energising Day Cream.

3. Take the lift: Rather than contouring your way to a lifted look with bronzer, practice facial massage. When you apply your moisturiser, start in the centre of the face and massage into the skin using small circles, working upwards and outwards. Press and sweep upwards and outwards from between the brows across the forehead, before sweeping the hands along the jawline in an upwards direction. Finally, spend a couple of minutes gently tapping around the bone of each eye. Your face will instantly look more lifted and awake.

4. Use tools: You may be going make-up free – but that doesn’t mean you can’t use make-up tools. Use a brow brush to sweep up your brows and lend your face more strength and definition. Then curl your lashes to help your eyes stand out.

5. Mattify: A shiny face simply isn’t attractive. So invest in a great mattifying primer to remove shine – most of them now also contain smart technology that helps blur away blemishes and lines. Like Photoshop in a tube.

6. Add highlights: Go matte all over however, and your face will look flat and lacklustre. So add shape and definition with skincare highlights. Pat our Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm onto the tops of cheekbones, beneath the brows, onto the temples and over the lips for considered, “accents” of shine.

7. Do the ice cube trick: Backstage at catwalk shows, when make-up artists want a really fresh-faced look that doesn’t appear product heavy, they run an ice cube over the lips and cheeks to bring the blood to the skin surface, giving them a subtle, flushed colour. Like a natural healthy glow.

8. Prioritise: Yes, this is cheating. But if you feel that you really can’t brave the world completely make-up free, then try and prioritise. Skip the 5 to 10 products that you usually apply and only pick one that you feel will make the most difference to your face. Maybe that’s a smidgen of concealer beneath the eyes, a sweep of blusher or a little mascara – you’ll be surprised how quickly you get used to seeing your face without make-up.


Article 19.10.16

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