Skin Clinic Facial Treatment

Introducing our Facial Aesthetics Bespoke Facial Treatment – or FAB Facial as we like to call it!

A dramatic combination of skin therapies to provide high end results in dealing with skin care issues, this allows us to take your skin health to another level.

Following a telephone consultation your treatment time will be selected, following a further in depth consultation on the day of treatment a bespoke method of skincare therapies will be selected to deal with your skin needs, specifically dealing with manifestations that result from:

Aging – fine lines and wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and age spots, atrophy (sagging), loss of volume, dark eye circles and more

Hyper pigmentation – heriditory, hormonal, ageing

Problematic – breakouts, acneic, comodones, milia, hyper plasia

Sensitivity – hormonal, rosesea, broken thread veins

The combined treatment methods will potentially include but are not limited to:

L.E.D light thearpy
Oxyen therapy
None surigcal face lifting
Advanced electroysis
Detailed skin recommendations
Ph resurfacing
Advanced mask application

Further F.A.B treatments may also incorporate

Frastional mesotherapy skin needling
Intensed Pulsed Light IPL


Skin Clinic is available with Tricia, an experienced aesthetic therapist for over 25 years.  Your initial treatment will be £135. Please call us to arrange your initial consultation – Prescot 0151 431 0348 – St Helens 01744 735 621

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