Even though we are all loving this hot weather we need to remember it is so important to stay protected from the sun.
When I was younger I would always think it was a chore making sure I had SPF on but theses days i can’t get enough of it.
Here are some of my favorite products that have SPF in that i use daily.


With alot of products i have noticed when they change them to add SPF that’s exactly what happens they don’t just add SPF they change the whole product completely. So they add the SPF so it makes the product better but by doing that they have lost the thing that made my fall in love with the product in the first place!!!

With Elemis Pro – collagen Marine Cream i loved it before but now i love it even more now they have added SPF, when i heard that they was bringing this product out i did my research because i didn’t want them to ruin this product as i really didn’t believe they could make this product any better. But Elemis really surprised me and they did it, they made a great product even better !!

It still has all the same ingredients as before, they haven’t taken anything out or reduced any of the products to put the SPF in, it really is a great all year round product.


The Skin Perfect Primer by Dermalogica is also something i have to have in my make up bag this summer not only does it have SPF in it but it is also tinted, so it is great when you’re on holiday or for lazy Sunday’s when you can’t be bothered wearing make up. The primer is great at giving you that summer glow and leaves your skin looking smooth, flawless and ready to go.

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