Summer Glow


Everyone knows the best thing about summer is getting a tan.

But if you are finding it hard to get one or to maintaining it here are some top tips for you…

After years of trying different tanning products i have found that St. Tropez are the best about, there products leave your skin streak free, glowing and they even smell good which is always a bonus!!

When i know summer is just around the corner or i have got a night out coming up i always start prepping my skin using the Tan Enhancing Body Polish. With this product it gets your body ready for either natural tan or a fake tan, with this polish it removes your dry skin so the tan will not grab and go to dark on any part of your body.

The next thing i would use would be the Tan Booster. The Tan Booster is a lightweight easy to use lotion, i would use it daily and after showering it is Formulated to intensify and prolong your natural or St.Tropez tan. It extends your St.Tropez tan for up to 3 days longer, it is quick-drying and non-sticky and will give you an even fade.

The good thing i found out about St Tropez products is they don’t just do products that help you tan and that’s it, they sell products that you can use all year round, products that help and protect your skin while its tanning, keeping your skin nourished, moisturising and priming your skin.

I’m not going to lie when i first come across St Tropez i thought they only did spray tans, but now i’ve transformed my whole beauty routine just to fit St Tropez in with it.

This was the kit that first got me started, but now i’m on to using the everyday tinted moisturiser and primer ( i really couldn’t live without this now) I used the in shower tan, the gradual tan and the instant tan.


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