Triple Threat: 3 Stressors Damaging Your Skin – and how to protect it


We all know that internal stress can throw our skin off balance – if you’ve ever experienced a breakout the night before a big event, you’ll know what we mean – but in today’s urban environment we need to pay equal attention to the external stressors in our environment.

With studies showing that almost all of us are living in environments that exceed the World Health Organisation’s recommended air-toxicity limits, there’s never been a more urgent time to address these very modern aggressors.
We’re talking about pollution, UV light and High Energy Visible Light – the trio of environmental nasties threatening to dim our glowing complexions. Read on to discover exactly what they are, what they’re doing to your skin – and how you can shield yourself from them.

Air pollution consists of unwanted chemical elements that contaminate our air. In today’s urban environments, industrial and vehicle emissions are a few of the primary air pollutants.
Simply speaking, a pollutant is an unwanted element that contaminates our air. Chemical substances contribute to pollution, as do heat, noise and light.

UV light

UV light can be split into three separate categories. UVC is blocked by the o-zone layer. UVB are the burning rays and the primary cause of sunburn and skin cancer, while UVA penetrate deeper into the dermis. UVA may contribute to burning, skin cancer, wrinkling and premature skin ageing.
Discover how to protect your skin from UV light here (link to: The next generation of sunscreen)

High Energy Visible Light

Also known as blue light, High Energy Visible Light (or HEVL) refers to the blue/violet segment of the light spectrum. HEVL isn’t only emitted by the sun, it can also be produced by LED screens, such as those found on Electronic devices including televisions, tablets and even your smartphones.

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