What is Soprano Ice laser hair removal?

What is Soprano Ice laser hair removal?

Billing itself as the least painless system of laser hair removal, Soprano Ice is an easy, effective treatment that promises to zap most if not all of your hair.

In its most basic terms, laser hair removal works by inhibiting hair follicles using pulses of light. The laser is attracted to the pigment in the hair, allowing it to reach the base of the follicle.

Given that hair grows in cycles, it won’t always be possible to nix every follicle during its ‘growing’ phase in one session, so six to eight are required with top-up sessions afterwards.

Is Soprano Ice Laser painful?
Soprano Ice is the latest offering from the Soprano brand and promises to be even less painful than its predecessor, simply Soprano.
While Soprano is hardly painful (many clients fall asleep during treatment, we’re told), our tester confirmed that the Ice version is even more comfortable, as you don’t feel as much heat during a treatment (some people find this disconcerting). In fact, it is completely pain free.
Another advantage of the Soprano Ice is it can be used on tanned skin – a first for laser hair removal, which normally requires skin to be pale – meaning you don’t have to plan laser hair removal around your holidays or skip treatments because you tanned by mistake (it happens a lot, apparently).

What does Soprano Ice involve?
Our tester plumped for a thorough tidy up down each side of her bikini line as well as a full leg treatment. As you have to arrive prepped (read: shaved), each bikini session takes only about 15 minutes, making the treatment painless in every sense of the word. In fact, it is much quicker, easier and entirely more pleasant than being waxed.
A brilliant side effect of the treatment is the way the skin looks afterwards: it doesn’t cause in-growing hairs, irritation or spiky regrowth, so skin is left flawless and smooth.

Soprano Ice Laser: Does it work?
Our tester found that after six treatments, all hair had gone, but that there was some regrowth a couple of months later. As most people experience this, an annual top up is advised.
The joy of being able to eliminate the odd bit of regrowth with a razor in about two seconds flat and knowing that it won’t resurface for ages is incomparable. Whoever said no pain, no gain hadn’t tried Soprano Ice. This excellent treatment gets a 10/10 from Red.

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Article by Rebecca Hull; Redonline.co.uk

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