Skincare during Lockdown

Now that we are all having to stay indoors more, many of us will not be quite as diligent with our skin care….but unfortunately, being inside doesn’t give us automatic protection!

Due to increased use of central heating in this cold weather our skin is very susceptible to high levels of dehydration; the dry warm atmosphere literally saps the skin of it’s natural moisture.

This coupled with an impaired barrier function (the protective wall of the skin) creates trans epidermal water loss, it’s often necessary to increase the levels of hydration within the skin to prevent this from happening.

We can do this by upgrading our moisturiser to one that’s more emollient and contains more moisture ‘magnets’ such as hyaluronic acid, this will prevent water loss but also increase the actual amount of water in our skin.

Other assaults to our skin come from light, and many of us are aware of the damaging effects of UV rays, but we often only consider these in the summer. It’s important in summer as when the sun shines the skin is exposed to high levels of UVB rays and these are the rays that cause sunburn.

These rays aren’t as prevalent in winter so they’re less of a concern but even in winter we’re continually exposed to UVA rays.

And did you know that these UV rays are as damaging on the hottest summer’s day as the coldest winter’s day?

UVA rays penetrate deeply into the skin and are a massive contributing factor to skin ageing but even more worryingly to skin cancer.  Remember that we should be using a broad spectrum UV protection daily… that we’ve always got this protection.

But if we’re really serious about preventing premature ageing experts say that adding UVA/UVB protection still isn’t enough!

Research confirms that blue light (HEV light) that is continually being emitted from our digital devices is also very damaging to our skin. This means that exposure to our computers, smartphones and tablets is having a direct negative effect on our skin and as we are all working more remotely from home nowadays, this damage is only going to increase.

So really we need ingredients in our skincare that will protect us from all of these factors. This includes physical sunscreens such as zinc oxide and anti oxidants such vitamin C and E.

So if we only do one thing for our skin in a morning, whether you’re going out or not, let’s ensure that our daily routine contains hydrating, anti oxidant and UV protecting properties.

Would you like some one to one advice on your skincare routine?

Or do you have any skincare concerns that you’d like help with?

During lockdown we’re offering virtual skincare consultations with one of our skincare experts…email as [email protected] for more information.

Take care and Stay Safe

Tricia xxx


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