Which Facial Oil Is The Best For You?


A good facial oil is the skin’s best friend, especially as it ages.

Facial oils hydrate, nourish and seal in moisture. And ELEMIS facial oils are abundant in anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and natural extracts such as superfoods and seaweeds. They are also formulated to be beautifully lightweight and absorb easily, so they suit all skin types. Yes, really, all skin types – even oily skin. This is because facial oils support the moisture barrier, helping to create balance so that the skin is not over-producing natural oils (which is what happens when you strip it with harsh products in an attempt to dry it out and quell the flow). It feels counter-intuitive, but treating oiliness with oil really does work. Combination skin evens right out, and of course, dry skin will drink up as much oil as it needs.

But which ELEMIS oil is the best facial oil for you?

Pro-Collagen Rose Oil

All skin types, including sensitive skin.

Skin Concerns: Dull or sallow-looking skin, lacking in nutritional vitality, dryness.

Key Actions: Hydrates, nourishes, smoothes.

Our latest facial oil softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles for a fresh, dewy glow. This ultra-lightweight blend features a precious trio of Rosa Damascena, English Rose Oleo Extract and Rosehip Seed Oil that helps leave the skin feeling soft and soothed. A blend of Padina Pavonica, Roaring Water Kelp and Coastal Extract meanwhile delivers beautiful hydration. Best of all, it’s suitable for all skin types.

Superfood Facial Oil

All skin types

Skin Concerns: Dull or sallow-looking skin, lacking in nutritional vitality, dryness.

Key Actions: Hydrates, nourishes, smoothes.

Full to the brim with vitamins, minerals and omegas, this is skin health in a bottle. Ideal for dull skin but perfect for anyone who wants an everyday facial oil that gives skin a radiant, healthy glow, this is an all-round winner (literally, it won Best New Everyday Facial Skincare Product at the CEW Awards 2017, the Oscars of the beauty world). Containing not one, not two but nine superfood oils including Broccoli, Flax Seed and Daikon Radish, it also has a delightful aromatic comprised of Palmarosa, Rosemary and Sweet Orange. It almost sounds good enough to eat. And with 90% of women agreeing that it visibly minimised the appearance of dull skin, we think this is a delicious way to achieve a flawless complexion.


Pro-Collagen Marine Oil

All skin types

Skin Concerns: Lines and wrinkles, dryness.

Key Actions: Plumps with hydration, targets fine lines and wrinkles, protects.

The latest addition to the multi award-winning and bestselling Pro-Collagen range. Formulated with a trio of seaweeds (Padina Pavonica, Golden Seaweed and Roaring Water Kelp) that have been specifically chosen for their impressive ability to support moisturisation and visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this is a powerfully efficacious oil which delivers immediate and long-term results. And if you love the gorgeous aromatic blend in your Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm, you will love this oil as it contains the same uplifting notes of Geranium, Lavender, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Ho Wood, Orange and Clove. A truly sensorial experience that just happens to leave the skin looking more radiant and youthful.

Pro-Definition Facial Oil

Mature skin

Skin Concerns: Mature skin that is lacking definition, sagging around cheeks and jawline, dryness.

Key Actions: Hydrates, lifts, re-contours.

Plant stem cells are at the cutting edge of scientific skincare, and Pro-Definition Facial Oil is loaded with Raspberry plant stem cells. Full of powerful liposoluble compounds which have been shown to have both short and long term moisturisation activity, these help protect the skin from dehydration. Combined with Ayurvedic Himalayan Gentian to nourish and even out skin tone, Organic Barbary Fig to protect against free radicals, and Evening Primrose oil to take on fine lines and wrinkles (thanks to high levels of Omega-6), this is the oil to give mature skin a luminous lift. Add to this a divine aromatic blend of Clary Sage, Palmarosa and Frankincense to lend a soothing and calming effect, and you have the perfect oil for a lifting facial massage.

90% of women agreed that the product left the skin looking more elastic and supple*

*Independent User Trial Results based on 60 people over 4 weeks, 2016.

Peptide⁴ Night Recovery Cream-Oil

All skin types

Skin Concerns: Stressed, dry, tired-looking skin, imbalances

Key Actions: Hydrates, protects, replenishes, supports the synchronisation of night-time skin cell renewal.

Combining the hydration of a moisturising cream with the protection of an oil, our synchronising night treatment leaves skin rebalanced, restored, and replenished on waking. How does it do this? Skin cells follow a circadian rhythm, a rhythm dictated by the cycles of day and night. At night, the skin repairs and restores itself, and the select ingredients in Peptide⁴  support this process. A yeast-derived peptide helps increase collagen III expression and improve skin renewal. Meanwhile, Night Scented Stock oil, which has up to 10 times the amount of anti-oxidant vitamin E compared with many other oils used in skincare, improves skin elasticity thanks to high levels of essential fatty acids. All in all, this is your beauty sleep in a bottle.

Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules

All skin types

Skin Concerns: Tired-looking skin, lacklustre appearance, unbalanced and problematic skin.

Key Actions: Purifies, replenishes, nourishes, anti-oxidant boost.

These perfectly formed capsules of bliss are antioxidant-rich and ideal for when your skin is having a wobble – that’s a technical term. More specifically, when skin is struggling to find balance, maybe after a bout of illness, after an over-indulgent holiday, or simply from having to put up with the griminess of a daily commute on public transport(!) These easy to apply, perfect doses of Moringa Oil are full of anti-oxidant power to help the skin detoxify itself and are scented with therapeutic essential oils – soothing Rose for the daytime and balancing Lavender for nighttime. The pot comes with 60 capsules, 30 for day and 30 for night, meaning you can set your skin a 30 day challenge to turn itself around – we’ve seen the results, it works.

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