Now that you’re spending more time at home, there’s no better opportunity to give yourself an at-home spa treatment. Not only do these head-to-toe therapies take just a few minutes and only require a product or two, they help to instantly balance the skin, as well as the mind. These simple techniques are all you need to find a moment of much-needed peace.

Upon waking up each morning, before reaching for your phone, just pause. Take a moment to focus on your breathing and slowly begin to open your eyes. Take a seat on the edge of your bed and allow your feet to be fully flat on the floor. Ground yourself by observing your posture and doing some seated stretches.

Because you’re probably not moving around as much as usual, your body may be experiencing decreased circulation. Help awaken your body and stimulate circulation by dry brushing with Elemis BODY DETOX SKIN BRUSH. Start from the soles of the feet in upwards motions until you reach the top of the shoulder. Then, pour 3 capsules of Elemis ACHING MUSCLE SUPER SOAK into a warm running bath. Immerse yourself in the water for 20 minutes, allowing the warming Clove to stimulate your body, the purifying Juniper to rid toxins and the aromatic Rosemary to help you concentrate on meditation and positive affirmations.

After 10 minutes of soaking in the bath, stand up and use a teaspoon of Elemis LIME AND GINGER SALT GLOW to buff away any dead skin cells using circular motions. Lay back down in the bath and let the salts dissolve while the nourishing Coconut and Sweet Almond oils soften the skin.

Once your body is dried off, complete your at-home body treatment by massaging a few drops of Elemis CELLUTOX ACTIVE BODY OIL into the skin. The luxurious oil features a fresh Lemon aromatic that leaves skin feeling satin soft and smelling like a summer day in the garden.